As we have changed our business to mostly Online, so renovations are up and running. We have reduced our area in Jandakot so we are taking up about a quarter of the area that we had before. We no longer have working displays . Now we have more time to focus on our Deliveries, online and phone enquiries and presentations. (And more time to love our home systems!)

Our Family System
The huge area we had was once filled with many displays.

Our renovations are coming along nicely and since February 2nd we have been so busy. We have to set it up so we can still keep our Large items available but other items will need to be ordered on request. No need for us to have 3000lt tanks sitting around when most will want the smaller 2000Lt or 1000Lt tanks.

For those of you who have popped in while we have been arranging things, you would have seen Mausy up the ladder. She said last year that she was getting too old to climb trees. Well this was her a couple of weeks ago!!

Up the tree again!! 

Our plan is to eventually add a roof from the container to the steel work so we have a larger undercover work area. Winter is coming!!

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