Live Mealworms. 100gm (No Postage allowed)


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NOTE: Local Delivery or pick up Perth only. We do not post live mealworms. This product will not be sent to you and a refund will be given if you add to order requiring postage.

Would you like to give your fish some live mealworms as a treat every so often?( Remember: Don’t spoil them with a lot as they may decide not to eat your Skretting pellets and your plants will suffer!)

Meal worms are very high in Protein(60%) and are fed with wheat bran , oats, carrot and apple diet.

Chickens go crazy for these treats. 10 Mealworms daily will give them a great burst. Fantastic for egg laying! When they molt it is especially important to give them a high protein diet.

Great for lizards, birds, frogs and pet snakes also.

Our 100gm containers have about 700+ mealworms in them.


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