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This is a 5mm  Nova Floating Pellet made by Skretting .

All of our fish feed is made from the highest quality ingredients available to ensure that your fish and your plants recieve the highest quality nutrients for their optimum health and development.

Our fish feed is made from the wastes of the commercial fishing and aquaculture industry, this includes fish product that cannot be sold for human consumption and bi-catch. This is combined with grains and minerals to create a well balanced diet. The fish feed contains almost all of the macro and micro nutrients for the optimum growth of plants and fish.

Keep it in a bucket or bin to keep fish feed dry and away from rodents and animals. A bucket also seals the feed away from light and air which prolongs the shelf life and maintains high quality feed.

The fish feed contains:

Protein 50%
Fat 17%
Ash 8%
Phosphorous 1.2%

This is a floating fish pellet that measures 5mm in diameter



Aquaponics Fish Feed

Skretting Fish Feed

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