We now deliver fish food, clay and other essentials to you in the Perth Metro Area  Give us a call or text and we will let you know  if you are within the Free Delivery Zone. If you contact us  any day we can arrange to deliver your feed,pumps and small items to you.  Minimum $29 =2.5kg bag  . 3mm,5mm and 7mm floating pellets.

You can place an order by going to our Aquaponics Shop page and using the LOCAL PICKUP at the Order page. We will contact you to arrange delivery otherwise contact us by calling or texting 0499 092 042 to place order over the phone and find out if you are within the free Zone. Examples of Free Zones are Osbourne Park, Pickering Brook and Mandurah so you never know your luck!!



We currently have many schools with Aquaponic systems,whether they be our systems or other,who ask us to attend for maintenance or advice. If you have an existing system we can set up a regular maintenance regime suited to your systems specific needs.

If your school is looking into Aquaponics, we are very happy to help. We can give advise on which system would be suited and location. We can deliver and install.

We also can set up sessions for teachers or children to teach you all about Aquaponics.





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