Trout Carpark Fish Sales May 12th 2018 here at Cheidys
Gavin will set up for your Fish Deliveries  for the second time this year,in our Carpark on Saturday 12th May. Get your orders in with him on 0428 921 369 and see you here! Bring your esky or container with some tank water, an airpump for transporting and either pre-pay Gavin or bring your cash(he doesnt have Eftpos.) 



Information Sessions


At last we hear you say. Information Sessions are available here at Cheidys Jandakot Display Shop.

We have 2 hour sessions for $50 per person including light refreshments. The first will be between 3pm and 5pm on the 26th May 2018.There will be a maximum of 10 places per session. Call or email if you would like to book. Click here.






Great Deals to be had here at Cheidys
Every day great prices on products. Come and see!  





 There will be some additional pages added to the website soon to assist you with certain aspects of your Aquaponic systems. Stay tuned!!









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Thanks to a great idea by Deb and Mac (The Professional Peasants) we have also set up a Yabbie tank. Perfect height to enjoy and harvest. Yabbies will not provide enough nutrients for an aquaponic system. They will fight each other sometimes to death as they are very territorial, males fight over females(what’s new!) etc and  they then produce a great amount of ammonia from decaying limbs and carcasses. High amounts of ammonia will kill fish so best not to mix unless you test your water regularly.

Yabbie Castle
Chateau Cherax
Perfect Height!



Yabbies (2)
PVC Yabbie Hides
Yabbies (3)
Someone is at home!









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