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Healthy Food Produced by Nature and You.


Our Aquaponics Information Afternoons are up and running .  Join us for a 2 hour get together on a Saturday from 3pm until 5pm. You will learn just how easy it is to run your own backyard system.

You will learn about the basic working of an Aquaponics system, Fish types, how to plant,what to plant,  or more importantly, what not to plant and dealing with bugs. You will learn how to maintain your system for healthy plants and fish.

The cost of this will be $50 per person and will include light refreshments. If you are interested please call us on 9414 9334 or email on info@cheidysaquaponics.com.au  

Otherwise, if you would like to have a private session for yourself or a couple of friends, let us know and we can arrange a time and date more suited to you!