Who said you can’t grow garlic in an Aquaponics system. The cool weather is upon us now and I was told many years ago, by an old Italian gentleman, that garlic should be planted on Anzac Day. For many years I did this, but seasons are changing, and I have decided to do some experiments.

Tasmanian Garlic
Tasmanian Garlic

On the 27th March I figured it would be good to try the Garlic one month before Anzac Day. I bought some Tassie Garlic, split the cloves up, peeled some skin off and placed them in the expanded clay, pointy part upwards. In the Aquaponics beds, I put them just poking out from the clay. I never push the clove into the water but just in the top 5cm where the water is wicking up through the clay.

See! Garlic in Aquaponics is that easy! So we wait for it to sprout.

Now as I put it in a month earlier, it did get a fair few warm days. Garlic likes the cold. It took about two weeks for me to start seeing it sprout but the roots were kicking off. At 23 days after planting, the garlic in Aquaponics had grown 9cm into the world.

My next planting will be on Anzac Day and I will buy the same Tassie Garlic so the experiment will be fair. 

It will go into the same growbed so will be fed by the same nutrients the KOI are supplying. Garlic hardly takes up any room so plant as much as you like in between your other vegetables. 

I will be back in another month with Garlic in Aquaponics Part 2

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