Welcome to  Cheidys Aquaponics. Please visit the display shop in Jandakot, WA. All our Aquaponic Systems are set up and running for you to be inspired.

Feel free to come in for a look or a chat and ,of course, meet Cheidy(our four-legged CEO).Our online shop is accessible on this website.

 Don’t forget to make the most of our free fish food delivery. It is a real benefit if you are only after one thing and have to come out to Cheidys to get it. Not that we don’t love to see you but traffic can  be daunting sometimes!


Display Shop located at 7 Jandakot Road, Jandakot 6164

PH: (08) 9414 9334  or Mob: 0499092842  We often have phone outages so use the mobile number if you cannot get through. We will call you back if you are using a landline to save you spending on mobile charges.


Email:  info @ cheidysaquaponics . com . au (no spaces of course)

PO Box 4074, Success. WA 6964


Business Hours            

Thursday     10am-5pm       

Friday          10am-5pm

Saturday      10am-4pm

Sunday         10am-4pm

Monday         CLOSED

Tuesday        CLOSED

Wednesday    10am -5pm



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