Cheidys Aquaponics has taken over the famous Backyard Aquaponics retail shop in Jandakot WA in May 2014.

The shop is now owned and run by Maureen Chambers and Sue Reid and, of course, the CEO, Cheidy.

Mausy and I met when we were both working in aged care 25 years ago and have been the greatest of mates since.

I got into Aquaponics in 2009 after seeing it at the Royal Show . I knew I had to have a system. My first system was purchased in September 2009 “The Courtyard System” which was converted, within 4 months, to the Entertainer System. My second system was a DIY Frog pond flowing into a Goldfish pond filtered by a half blue barrel growbed. Magnificent for herbs. My third system was another Courtyard System. Addicted? Guilty!! The opportunity came up for me to work at Backyard Aquaponics  in 2012 after 28 years of nursing and after two years of loving the BYAP work Joel decided to end his retail business after 9 years. Fire Sale? Close down? That couldn’t happen to such a famous and well loved business. The chance to actually take on the BYAP Retail Shop was a  chance of a lifetime but only really a dream.

Mausy had worked in Aged Care for 25 years and when I told her about the pending  sale of  BYAP she said “Let’s buy it” .” Are  you crazy” I said and she replied “Yep!” So we bought it. Mausy has embraced the Aquaponics and has leapt on it like a frog to a lilly.

As crazy as it seems, the new shop name comes about from our beautiful K9 Rescue Staffy, Cheidy(Chee Dee) She is one of the very good  reasons for us to have a business as we are able to take her to work with us. She is a people dog and loves to meet everyone as you will see.

Come in and enjoy watching the fish get fed.



We continue to sell all the quality Aquaponics systems and enjoy chatting about Aquaponics . Our working displays of all systems are here for you to see in our large outdoor area.

We are proud to continue to use WA made products for our larger components which make up our systems and our high quality floating  fish feed is sourced from Tasmania.

Cheidys Aquaponics  Shop also stock fittings for the DIY enthusiasts and stock submersible pumps and air pumps.

We have a range of books and Magazines.  

If you can’t get to the shop, visit our online shop  on this website.  We can post out most items anywhere within Australia or organize larger items to be delivered by freight.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you.  Click here for Opening hours and Holiday closing times.

Our website is a work in motion. It will continually change and grow with us. As it is managed by us it may be basic but it keeps overheads down which means great prices for great products. Keep checking in on us to see how we have grown. We are always updating Specials and when we say Specials , we mean SPECIALS!!