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Healthy Food Produced by Nature and You.


For those of you that had spent some considerable time out in the garden in the warmer months, you may have noticed that there has been quite a bit of activity in the wasp department. In fact, there was an article on the news stating that it had been a rather nasty season for wasp activity,…
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Arnie Silver-Spoon. (What comes first, the chicken or its feet?)

Our first attempt at incubating chickens came when we had a broody hen , Fergie , who had to be kicked off  the nest because she had a manky chest and a funky foot, due to laying there for endless days and hardly ever moving off the nest. Now, Sue and I had discussed earlier, that it would be…
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The Cocky and the Cockiest !

For those of you who have visited the shop in Jandakot in the past, when it was known as Backyard Aquaponics, or indeed visited since we have taken over the retail side of things, will know that we have several chicken coups down the back that house five hens, three chicks and two roosters. Now, I’m…
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Smoked Trout

Today we harvest the Trout! Welcome everyone, to the extremely long winded initiation of my blog. I’m happy to announce that the harvesting of the trout was, for the most part hiccup free. Netting them was a little tricky, but after much practice I was able to, on one occasion, net three in one foul swoop. However, I…
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